Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yes, I'm back.. And it's 26 days to Deepavali 2016 !

Hope each and everyone of you, is doing awesome. 
And happy, and blessed. 
I am. And I hope you all are too.

Life is beautiful. It is. Truly.
And amidst all this immense beauty, I miss my Appa. So so much. 
Not a day passes by without me, thinking of him.
He continues to be an integral part of my life. 
He always will be. 

That's the reason I returned to blogging today. 
I want to thank so many people. 
For their presence and support in my life. 

Thank you so much.
The Almighty God, first and foremost. 
My parents. The greatest, to me. My Appa up in heaven. 
My Amma. The one who still treats me like a kid. 
Well, we remain their babies no matter how old we get, right ? 
Parents. What God would look like if human. 

My sister. My brother.
Mogan. The one who continues to faithfully, put up with my weirdness. 
My little Yathu - who talks as much as me. And giggles, the same way too.

Inban & Devagi. The ones I carry in my heart. And, in my prayers. 

Vani. My cousin. She's an epitome of happiness. 
And, I laugh my heart out with her. She's a babe. 

Sridhar Vittal Anna & his family. Distance is just a number. Chennai is just a blink away. 
But the love and care you guys shower upon us, is just heartwarming. So truly blessed to have you all as part of my life journey. 

Balasubramaniam Senthil Vadivel. He was this blog's earliest readers. That's how we met. Years have since passed. Our friendship is flourishing. Still. And, I pray it will. For always. 

My best friends from my uni days. Jo, Sue, Vino, Rani & Anita. 
My favourite girlfriend, Jes. She cheers me up like no other.
Erni, Zira & Gaga. The crazy bunch. We understand each other via facial expressions. 

I have a long list actually. I'm sorry if I've missed out. 
I carry the people I love in my heart.
I'm a Scorpio. We are the most faithful. Relationships mean the world to us. 
So, thank you everyone. 
Thank you for everything. 
But most of all, for being in my life. I'm truly truly blessed.

Life is beautiful.. Smile.. Don't let anyone dull the sunshine..
Happiness is contagious and I'm sharing it with you.

No song of the day. I'm a nerd in embedding videos via the iPad. :D

God bless. Will write soon. Real soon. 
Till the, keep reading. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bahubali. 18 short reasons to watch.. :)


You can't make everyone happy. That's life. 
People will still try to find the faults. The pessimists - that's what they are called. 
But, why worry, when you have given your best? Why stress when the cons outweigh the pros? Why let the minuscule create a mammoth issue? 

It is, to me, one of the greatest Tamil movies, ever made. I enjoyed every minute of it, despite it ending nearly at 1am. 

1. Rajamouli. He is an ace at animation. Think, “E” ~ the fly movie, starring Nani, Samantha & Kicha Sudeep.
2. The mammoth set. Even mammoth sounds a little plain for what we actually got to watch on screen.
3. Ramya Krishnan. Sivagami Devi. What charisma! She is the female version that fits the “Vayasaa aanalum un style mattum kuraiyiley” statement perfectly.
4. The final battle. I was awed. I felt I was watching the latest of the Indian Jones series. And, it WAS NOT long. WAS NOT. 
5. The Shivan song. The one where Prabas/Shuva picks up the shivlinga and transports it right beneath the water falls ~ for his mom. Beautiful. 
6. Kattapa. Satyaraj-Ji. The perfect role. He did perfect justice to his part. And, his awesome sword fights.
7. The warrior spirit in Tammana. Avantika. There was a certain fire in her.
8. The fact that Rajamouli didn't try to squeeze the storyline in the two hours and forty five minutes. You know what comes at the end. I'm eagerly waiting.
9. Sudeep Kicha. My favourite dashing villain. As the sword trader, Aslam. 
10. The inauguration of the king's golden statue. What a momentum. The dancers, the singers, the slaves, the people, the hall, the elephants. Astounding is too small a word.
11. One year of pre production? God bless the crews patience and diligence. 
12. That vehicle that Rana drives during the last battle. The one with that rotating scissors. I found it quirky. 
13. The language spoken by those tribes. And their leader. What an impact. Armageddon-ish. 
14. Days since I watched this epic. But, I'm still talking about it. Still flabbergasted. Still awestruck.
15. The Kali Statue in the open fields. Majestic. 
16. 733. The number of days from the very first shoot to release. Can you imagine? Rajamouli’s patience. Golden. And, the fact, he didn't end with rushingly, just for the sake of making a movie. Refer No. 8 again. :)
17. The avalanche and its wonderful V-effects. Wow. :)
18.   Villain Naseer. And Rana. Both cunning. Another great performance. 

Overall, a must watch. Go support their mammoth effort. Encouragement is a catalyst to further success. 
So, when is the sequel coming huh?

Signing off, with love.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Vaa Vennila from Mella Tiranthathu Kathavu.

And, finally, here, I am, with greetings, from the heart :-)

I hope you are all fine. Fine, hale and hearty. And happy, too. Because, life is ACTUALLY about being happy. Being happy, over, even the smallest blessing bestowed. Being happy over what we have and what we, will have - with hard work, and faith and hope, and diligence. 

So, here's me wishing you a tonnes and tonnes of happiness - as a starter. :-)

I wish I was more industrious in blogging. Yes. More spirited and persevering. More in full swing. Unfortunately, these are all, just a couple of mighty words that I am using to camouflage my hefty laziness. 

I didn't post the entire of June. And, it's mid of July - already.
Today, I continue to write, from my heart. Because, I allow words to flow. I enjoy synchronization. 

I miss my father. Beyond all the words that I can accumulate, here.

My day begins with his thoughts. Still. His photo is by my bedside. Still. He is my King. Still. And, always will. 
My aunt visited us recently. She put up a few nights here, at our home. We had a great time catching up. 
During one dinner, home cooked meals and all, Appa's name cropped up. Aunt told me how he was always referred as the perfectionist during his teacher's training days. She spoke of his beautiful handwriting, be it English or Tamil. His composed personality. His uprightness. And, his dashing good looks. Appa, well built, stood tall at 5 feet 11 and a half. 
By the time Aunt finished her stories, I was crying profusely. So much so, that my dinner plate was filled with more tears than curry. 
She was apologetic that she put me in such a state. But, I loved her stories. Loved as in capital L-O-V-E. Someone who was present during his younger days, relating them to me. To me, it was genuinely beautiful. 
I made it very clear that I enjoyed her stories and that there was nothing to be sorry about. Appa, is the greatest love of my life. Thus, emotions, always, get gigantic at the mere regard of him.
I so love him. 

During my recent absence, I traveled to Andaman Island, India. Saw Boracay Island, Philipines. Attended an awesome university reunion. Went frolicking in a water park. And, ate loads and loads. 

Life, as I always say, is about the little things. Done, with people who matter. Money doesn't buy all these. It cannot, actually. To love and to be loved, is a very beautiful blessing. And, that is - happiness.

You MUST have someone in your life. MUST. MUST. MUST. I mean, we all, MUST have that special someone in our lives. If you already have, APPRECIATE them. If you don't, it is high time you go fish for one. SOMEONE TO COUNT ON AT ALL TIMES.

That - special someone. Your mom. Your best friend. Your other half. Your internet buddy. Anyone. Anyone who makes your heart chime in happiness. The one who you want to share your best moments and sorrow, with. Someone, you can count on, without a doubt. 
I am blessed to have a handful. My mom. My sister. Mogan. My cherished and genuine friends, Inpan and Devaki. And, girls from my uni days.
I look for Amma, all the time. I share everything with her. And, we are great TV buddies. My mom is extremely well read. She is world news savvy. If I know anything, it's all her knowledge. Not mine. I just brush up and further research via the net. And, share it with her in return. It is a beautiful relationship. I count on her, both to criticize and support me. Her opinions are downright honest. And, that is what matters to me.
I share practically 99.0% with the people mentioned above. I trust them completely. Even, the greatest of my guarded secrets. 
That's why I am echoing my sentiments that we all MUST have someone. To share parts of our life, with. Someone we can always rely on. Someone, we can seek, anytime - without the guilt. 

Sharing is an excellent trait. 
I just did. Shared parts of my days and thoughts with you. 
So, you go do that, too.
Share something today. 
Your favourite piece of chocolate cake. A good book you recently read.
A movie you think people should watch. Anything worth sharing with a good intention. 

I am getting sleepy. Lack of oxygen. Hahaha. 
I may get delusional, soon.
So, pardon me. Allow me to sign off before I blabber.

That's a new word I learned today. It means, loyal. faithful.


p/s - one of my favourite songs from bygones. what-a-song feeling. :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nadhi Pogum Koozhangal from Pisasu.

A very beautiful good morning to everyone. 

Sungai Petani, my quaint hometown, is cloudy and mildly cold, this morning. I get to sleep in longer, thanks to it being Sunday. :)

Actually, I'm still in bed. Writing from my iPad. With a slight grin. I have a song that I want to post, too. But, the huge question will be, if I manage to do it. Or not.

I'm still a horrid iPad user. I still fail at embedding songs via it. STILL. So, if you are my blog reader and an ace at Apple products and how blogging works with them, please, puhleeezzzzzzzz enlighten me. :)

I'm heading for a vacation next month. It is very much looked forward to. However, finalization has yet to take place. Still a little fidgety and on the edge, although I am praying hard it the plan will go on, eventually.

God, I need a holiday. It has been two months since. Hahaha…. Don't curse me. Only two months, and I'm complaining? Not complaining actually. Rather, psyched out. 

I'm a Scorpio. I'm the Tamil girl who loves to travel. Tamil, read correctly. Indian is vast. I want to be specific. ;)

I'm a homebody with a penchant for on and off getaways. I'm a fan of the art of rejuvenation. I'm happy in unwinding state. Simply put – I so so so love my holidays. 

Most of us do, I believe. We fail to plan and make it a reality. There's always a reason. Work. Finance. Other obligations. Blah blah blah. But, if not now, when ? You've got to start somewhere. It will pick up in time. Those tiny fetes. 

Start with a weekend. Go to a good café nearby. Not the noisy, rumbling one. Something quieter. Something that would put you in a mood, to go on a holiday. Because ambience is a great tranquilizer. 

We have one here in Penang. It's named Harvest Time. Aratoon Road. A beautiful restaurant, it is. Renovated from a two storey colonial kind of house to an angelic white and resplendent diner, now. It's attractively old fashioned. Quaint. And, it always reminds me Pondicherry. Only that, it's white here and yellow there. And, thus, my drive (oh, yeah – drive) to holiday, gets ignited. ;)

I have a huge imagination, don't I? I bet many of you are wondering how a coffee café can ACTUALLY stem an idea to holiday? It does. For me. And it will, for you.
The catch is, that you have to give yourself room to visualize and ideate. I'm a beach person. So anywhere in vicinity of one, is awesome. I love temples and art architecture. India and Thailand score a bingo. That's how the drive, starts. Keyword – visualize, ideate and finally, accomplish. :)

Catch my point ? (You've got to say this like Kamal, in Michael Madana Kama Rajan, to his mammoth assistant, Beam Boy ;)
Oh, I've watched Kamal’s movie. At the cinema in my hometown, with my family and half a theater crowd. It's  an artistic movie. It's a movie with a message. Of how frail life can actually be. Especially when you are made aware of the time you have left – to live. 

I found it a little boring. I am not a fan, first. And, I prefer him in comedies. His, work 100%. Think Michael, Madana, Kama, Rajan. Panchathanthiram. Pammal K Samantham. And MBBS. Hilarious to the core, weren't they? 

Also, due to the fact that I watched OK Kanmani too manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times. You know – minimal dialogues, beautiful cinematography, lovely songs and the sombre feel. Mani Sir’s territory. So. I'm still reeling in it. 

But, I've got to applaud Kamal’s initiative. The movie in the movie one was excellent. From comedy to songs to attire to graphics. Found it amusing. And, certain scenes, when realism sets it. Pulls the heartstrings. 

Ahhh.. See the drives came in droves. Haha… Can't imagine I've written this much.

Got to go though. It's going to be 9am soon. I've another busy schedule. ;) 

So, see ya around. Stay blessed.
And, go plan that holiday. And tell me about it – too. Would love to listen. :)

This is, Shalu, signing off. With love and affection. 

p/s - such a mellifluous piece. I love this song. So does Amma. Uttara Unni Krishnan sings this perfect and crisp clear. And the sound of the violin. Majestic. I adore Myskin's movies. Amma doesn't though. Opinion differs. And, I stick to mine. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day - For Amma & Appa. Kaatru Veliyil from Un Samayal Araiyil.

I'm breaking the norm. 

Here's wishing not only my Mom, but also my dearest Dad, up in heaven, a very blessed Mother’s Day. 

It took both of them to raise me. To be what I am today. It’s undeniable that a family runs solely because of a mother’s sacrifice and dedication. And, in ours, my father played an equally strong part. 

Yes, I say, “Amma” first, whenever I fall. Yes, it's Amma that I confide in anything, and everything. Oh, yes - it's Amma this and Amma that. 

But, my father – my Appa – he ruled my world. 
He still does. He always will. 
My Heavenly Mother. 
The one I carry in my heart at all times, and everywhere I go. 

So, here's ALSO wishing all the great guys who are totally supportive of their moms and wives and girlfriends, a Happy Mother’s Day. 

For my fellow women – A Blessed Mother’s Day, TOO. ;)

What-A-Song. Illayaraja. Sung by himself. From an awesome movie. Listen on loop - you will fall head over heals with this one. :-)