Friday, April 29, 2011

Pavadai Thavaniyil Paartha Uruvamo from Nichiya Thamboolam

One of my father's favourite songs. He used to sing it, and hum it, and whistle it. Heard it on TV, last Sunday. And, the memories came flooding back. My father, my Appa. How I miss him despite the years. And, how he is and will be strongly etched in my heart, forever. 
Old songs are evergreen. I believe, that despite the years, everyday, someone, somewhere, somehow will listen to this song. My turn today. Lyrics ? Did you pay attention ? Mind blowing. I so, love this song.



selva said...

wonderful song forever

selva said...

what a wonderful song forever.

Shallinee Raman said...

Ya.. it is isn't it ? Thanks for stopping by. I guess, it was your turn today, to listen to this evergreen ... Cheers !!